Raja Maldeo was a ruler in the 15th century, a Chahar Jat ruler, who ruled at Kanjan in Rajasthan. Khizr Khan Sayyid was the then ruler of Delhi. Sayyid’s army while returning from Jaisalmer clashed with Maldeo. It is said.

‘Two bulls were fighting. The Delhi army was watching it, but no one dared to stop them. It was then that Maldeo’s daughter, Somadevi came out and caught both the bulls by the horns and quietened them.

The Sultan was so impressed that he asked for Somadevi’s hand in marriage. But Maldeo refused the offer. The ruler then tried to take away Somadevi forcefully.

This led to a bloody battle in which Maldeo, Somadevi and many Jats died. The location of the battle is said to be near the border of Kanjan. They lost there kingdom but not there pride.The remaining members of Maldeo’s family migrated to the Jhunjhawati region (present-day Jhunjhunu).

References :-

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