Raja Pahar Singh of Faridkot was born at the Qila Mubaraqat, Faridkot in 1799, was second son of Brar Jat ruler Sardar Charat Singh Brar of Faridkot,He was Member Council of Regency for his nephew, 1826-1827. Succeeded on the death of his nephew, August 1827. He rendered important services to the HEIC during the First Afghan War of 1839-1842 and the First Sikh War of 1845. Rewarded with the hereditary title of “Raja”, 15th April 1846. He also received substantial territories confiscated from the Raja of Nabha, big share, as estimated in 1846, being worth Rs. 85,612 per annum. and secure the return of KotKapura, seized from his kinsmen by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1807.  And the ancentral state of KotKapura was restored to him,Because he was 10 Generation direct descendant of Chaudhary Kapur Singh Brar, Who was founder of KotKapura.  In lieu of customs duties, which were abolished, he was allowed Rs. 2,000 a year, and on arrangement wns made by which the rent-free boldings in the Kotkapur aIlaqa. should lapse to the Raja instend of to the Britisly Government, a corresponding reduction being mace in the commutation allowances

Raja Pahar Singh was done four marriages first with Rani Chand Kaur Sahiba (died at Kurukshetra, 1880), daughter of  Dhaliwal Jat Jagirdar Sardar Samand Singh Dhaliwal of Dina, Second with Rani Desu Kaur Sahiba, daughter of a Gill Jat zamindar of Mudhki, third with by chaddardalna, ca. 1831, the widow of his younger brother, Kunwar Shri Sahib Singh Brar, fourth with Sardarni Jas Kaur Sahiba (d.s.p. before 1845), daughter of Sarao Jat Jagirdar Sardar Rai Singh of Kaleka, in Patiala State.

Raja Pahar Singh died in April 1849 at Qila Mubaraqat, Faridkot  and was succeeded by his only surviving son Yuvraj Wazir Singh, then twenty-one years of age.

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