Raja Puranmal was a jat king of Chanderi fort during Suri Empire. Raja Medinarai Rajput was King of Chanderi in 1527 , he was defeated by Babur in 1528, the fort was taken by Raja Puranmal Jat in 1529 from Babur after a war with Babur army.

In 1542 Sher Sha Suri attached fort of Chanderi , after a long seize of fort when he was unable to capture the fort Sher Shah send a treaty message to Raja Puranmal ,but the proud king denied his treaty ,and taking the advantage of this time Sher Shah attacked the fort suddenly and a massive battle took place between Jats and army of Sher Shah but jat were fighting with bravery but due to there small army infront of large army of Sher Shah ,they lost the fort to Sher Shah and Raja Puranmal and his all brave soldiers martyred for the protection of there Mother Land.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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