Raja Ravi Sher Singh Of Kalsia , Was born in 1902 into a  Jat family, he was the direct descendants of Sardar Gurbaksh Singh , Who was the founder of Kalsia State, On the sudden death of his father in 1908, when he was barely six years old, the British under ‘indirect rule gave their approval for the succession ceremony of Raja Ravi Sher Singh, to be held accordingly in 1909.

At a young age, he learnt the responsibility and etiquette, befitting his new position. and as a minor, the Commissioner at Ambala formed a Council for the administration of the State, In 1911, he attended the Delhi Durbar, aged barely nine, standing alongside other rajas and chiefs, bejewelled in their finery with medals adorning their silken attire. He studied under the tutelage of Sardar Sant Singh at Chhachhrauli and then at Aitchison Chiefs’ College, Lahore, from 1913 till 1919. On September 23, 1918, Sardar Ravi Sher Singh hosted the Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab, Sir Michael O’Dwyer and Lady O’Dwyer at Chhachhrauli. The British Government acknowledged assistance of Kalsia state in the First World War, by way of manpower, materials and financial contributions.

Consequently the Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab, personally wrote to Raja Ravi Sher Singh, commending his state’s loyalty to Great Britain. On November 12, 1920, he embarked on his first visit to Europe, departing from Bombay (Mumbai) on the steamer Kaiser-i-Hind sailing through the Suez Canal to Marseille. After brief stops in Paris and London, Raja Ravi Sher Singh along with his tutor Brigadier General E.D. Money and valet Nidhan Singh, set off on a tour of the continent which lasted nine months. When the European tour ended, accompanied by his mother Rani Ranbir Kaur, he returned to India, on board the SS China in December 1921. He was engaged to the Princess of Patiala, the daughter of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh in 1918, but she died from an illness an the Patiala summer residence at Chat (Himachal Pradesh) in 1922. He improved he administration of Kalsia State and built several schools, guesthouses and hospitals, organizing essential changes to be implemented in all matters of the state. The Raja Ravi Sher Kalsia Hospital was inaugurated in 1911, by Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab, Sir Louis William Dane (1856-1948).

On February 17, 1925, he married

Rani Amrit Kaur, daughter of Maharaja Ripudaman Singh of Nabha. The following year, along with his new bride he visited Europe, sailing again from Bombay to Marseille, on board the P&O SS Kaiser-i-Hind, remaining on the continent for a month. In 1926, he was re-elected as the representative member of the Chamber of Princes for the Punjab Plain States. Raja Ravi Sher Singh was a keen pilot and sportsman, who enjoyed playing tennis, and one of his regular tennis partners was King Oscar Gustaf of Sweden. He won many trophies in Europe, was an accomplished ballroom dancer, a skilled billiards player and piloted his own aeroplane. His health had seriously deteriorated, due to a sore throat which proved to be cancer. He travelled to London with his wife for the treatment.

However, he died from the effects of bronchial pneumonia, followed by cancer of the pharynx at Westminster Hospital, on January 6, 1947. He was cremated at Golders Green Cemetery, London, and was succeeded by his second son, Lt. Raja Karan Sher Singh Of Kalsia.

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