Raja Shahmal Singh was a Salaklain Tomar jat of village Bijrol born on 11 February 1797.


Maharaja Sulakshanpal Tomar (King of Delhi, he was grandfather of great king Maharaja Anagpal Tomar of Delhi ,Salaklain Tomar are direct decendents of Maharaja Sulakshanpal Dev Tomar) around 1062 samvat.

Raja Chandrapal Singh (He was son of Maharaja Sulakshanpal, he stablished village Bijrol)

Choudhary Lotiya Singh (He was born after many generations of Raja Chandrapal Singh ,he was a big zamindar of Bijrol,after the death of Lothiya Singh his wife became sati)

Choudhary Nathan Singh (He was the youngest son of Lothiya Singh)
Choudhary Amichand
Choudhary Shahmal (His son were Gareeb,Dilsukh,Meda Singh)
Choudhary Dilsukh Singh (His son was Lijjamal)
Choudhary Lijjamal Singh


He was a big zamindar of Bijrol he was a very brave person from his young days his first bravery was seen when he was 16 year old and a Ranghar nawab of village Biral capture many hindu ladies when Shahmal heard about this he took 12 horsemen with him and cut the head of nawab in his village Biral,and second time when many villages of Baraut were given to Saimru in jagir, before Begum saimru these people don’t pay tax to anyone so the wazir of Begum Saimru Rao Harvanshrai Tyagi came at village:- with his army to collect tax where he show he was trying to show his rude behavior so Raja Shahmal Singh Cut his head and capture his many person latter he leave them all.

Role in 1857 revolt:-

After taking part in Mathura sabha he collected a sabha of 84 desh khap ,in which Choudhary Sheo Singh pradhan of desh khap give all his rights to Choudhary Shahmal.First on 12 may 1857 he attacked on a group of Banjaras who were supplying grains to britishers and he looted them.Then he took some Banjara with him and attacked police station of Baraut at night.On 13 may 1857 he attacked Thesil of Baraut and captured the thesil and he made Thakur Gangabishan Singh of village:- Tyodi as Theasildar.On 14 and 15 may 1857 Shamal singh meet Badsha Bhadur shah Zafar at red fort Delhi and asked badshah for weapons supply ,but instead of that Badsha told Shahmal about shortage to mughal army but Badshah authorised Shahmal subedari of Baghpat and Baraut parganas.Latter he provide financial and food help to Badshah,Raja Shahmal destroyed a boat bridge on Hindon river which was most important bridge to reach Delhi,so britishers postponeded there plan to capture Delhi from 24 – 25 may 1857.A battle between Britishers and Raja Shahmal Singh was going on Hindon River from 26 to 29 may in which Shahmal win. He had faught many small battles against britishers, so british army left this area. There were about 8000 solders under Raja Shahmal. His Generals were Thakur Gangabishan Singh ,Pandit Rouderai from Hilwari,Dhira kahar.Raja Shahmal Singh had became one of the biggest enemy for britishers and they sent Khaki Risal in the end of June 1857 under Major W Williams.

On 18 July Raja Shahmal Singh nephew Bhakat Singh attacked Khaki Risal in the forest near Village Basoda, in this attack british army under There General Dunlap ran away from the battle field.

Major W Williams who was trying his all efforts to capture Shahmal, then his force suddenly meet Raja Shahmal force in the forest of Gurana in which a massive battle took place between Raja Shahmal Singh and Britishers. Britishers were less with Enfield rifles they all were trying to target Raja Shahmal Singh but he was Fighting like Rudra in the battle field, the britishers were losing the hope ,but suddenly a traitor Afzalbeg told British general that he is Shahmal then he collected many soldiers and order them to Fire on Raja Shahmal Singh, after which Raja Shahmal Singh martyred in the battle field for his nation, and person named Karamali cut down the head of Raja Shahmal Singh , for this act karamali was gifted nawabi of Baghpat. Latter Britishers Took the Head of Raja Shahmal Singh and wandered his head on spear in every village of the area to terrorize the people but the solders of Salaklain khap attacked British army again to take the Head of Raja Shahmal Singh Back.His all property was seized his all the supporters were either martyred in the battle field or Hanged for the Nation.

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