Raja Swarup Singh Of Jind (11.11.1863) was b. at Bazidpur, 30th May 1812, only son of Sardar Karam Singh, of Bazidpur, educ. privately. Succeeded his father in the Bazidpur estates, 1818. Recognized by the GOI as the legitimate successor to his childless second cousin, 10th January 1837. Installed on the gadi at Jind, when he was presented with a valuable khilat from the GOI together with a kharita recognising his succession, 8th March 1837. Granted a sanad confirming his ancestral possessions, in recognition for his services in the First Sikh War, 22nd September 1847. One of the first to take the field against the mutineers, British or India, he rushed his forces to defend the town and cantonment at Karnal, then served at Alipore and at the Battle of Badli Serai. He fought, clad in armour and chain mail, side-by-side with British troops during the siege of Delhi , He received MID, Mutiny Medal. Granted the hereditary titles of Farzand-i-Dilband, Rasikh-ul-Itiqad, and Raja Bahadur on 2nd June 1858, and Rasikh-ul-Itiqad-i-Daulat-i-Inglishia on 14th January 1860. He received a salute of 11-guns and vast territories, including fourteen villages adjacent to Sangrur, and the Delhi properties of Shahzada Mirza Abu Bakar. A further eleven villages being transferred to him in 1861. A progressive ruler, he outlawed sati, female infanticide and slavery. His first Marriage to Rani Sri …Kaur Sahiba (d. 17th January 1877). second marriage at Jind, before 27th July 1837, Rani Sri Nand Kaur Sahiba [Rani Tibbawale], a widow of his predecessor, Raja Sri Sangat Singh, Raja of Jind.

Last years and death :-

In 1863, Swarup Singh was appointed a Knight Companion of the Order of the Star of India. The following year, he unexpectedly died from acute dysentery after a 30-year reign, aged 51. He was succeeded by his only surviving son, Tikka Raghubir Singh.


Mentioned in Despatches-1858

Indian Mutiny Medal-1858

Knight Companion of the Order of the Star of India (KSI)-1863

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