Rajkumari Somadevi (1416 AD) was daughter of Raja Maldeo Chahar, who ruledat Kanjan in Jangladesh (Present day Bikaner) in 13th century. Ghulam Badsah ruled Delhi at that time. The Muslim army while returning from Jaisalmer had a tough fight with Raja Maldeo.

It is said that when the army of badsah was camping near the fort of Raja Maldeo Chahar at Kanjan, a bull got angry due to which all people started running out of fear. The Muslim soldiers also started running instead of facing it. At that time Rajkumari Somadevi caught the bull’s horns firmly with her hands. The bull could not get rid of her strong grip. She controlled and tied the bull with ropes. The Muslim army general got attracted to her on this adventurous task of Somadevi and offered to marry with her. Raja Maldeo Chahar refused this offer. The chief of the Muslim army wanted to take away with him Somadevi by force, which led to a war between the army of Raja Maldeo Chahar and Muslims. In the war with Muslim army Raja Maldeo Chahar was killed near the boarder of Kanjan. Rajkumari Somadevi fought the war with great courage but due to death of her father in war, she and the remaining members of her family escaped out of the war and migrated to Jhunjhawati region.

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