RAM SINGH OF MIRPUR PATTI (d. 1716), a Bal Jat of the village of Mirpur Patti in Amritsar district of the Punjab, was the younger brother of Baj Singh, who was appointed governor of the town of Sirhind after it was occupied by Banda Singh Bahadur in May 1710. Ram Singh had received the rites of the Khalsa at the hands of Guru Gobind Singh, and was one of the five Sikhs who had accompanied Banda Singh from Nanded to the Punjab in 1709. He took part in various campaigns launched by Banda Singh. In May 1710, he was appointed administrator of Thanesar. He fought battles against Firoz Khan Mewati at Arnin, Taraori, Thanesar and Shahabad. He was taken prisoner in the siege of Gurdas Nangal and sent to Delhi where he was executed along with Banda Singh and his other companions in June 1716.

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