Ram Singh also know as as Chaudhari Ram Singh Bal was the younger brother of Baj Singh. He was baptised by Guru Gobind Singh. He was sent by the Guru from Nander as an adviser of Banda. In the battle of Sarhind he fought in the right wing Under Baj Singh. After the battle he was appointed district officer of Thanesar. Ram Singh and Binod Singh fought a battle at Taraori, 12 kms north of Karnal against Firoz Khan Mewati, commander of the advance-guard of the army of Emperor Bahadur Shah. The Sikh generals were defeated. They fell back being pursued by the Mewati. T hey fought two battles at Thanesar and Shahabad, in both of which they lost the day. After the death of Bahadur Shah in February, 1712,Ram Singh was given charge of Ludhiana. In the schism Ram Singh firmly stood by Banda. He was taken prisoner at Gurdas Nangal, andwas executed at Delhi on June 10, 1716.

Source :-

  • Source – HISTORY OF THE SIKHS Vol. IV , The Sikh Commonwealth or Rise and Fall of Sikh Misls By Hari ram gupta.
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