Rana Bhagraj Singh , Rana Of Gohad, He was direct descendants of Rana Jai Singh Of Bairat. After the death of Rana Udai Singh (1664-1685), Rana Bhagraj Singh sit on the throne of Gohad in 1619.  On that time delhi was ruled by Mughal Emperor Jahangir in his early years and Emperor Shah Jahan in his last years.  His wars often went on with the Mughal chieftains.  He defeat them in every battle.and he expend Gohad Kingdom.In the year 1629, the crops were destroyed due to excessive hailstorm, then Rana Bhagraj Singh distributed food grains to the people from his safe reserves and also waived the tax charged from the farmers. He was a religious person.  He built many temples in Gohad Kingdom.Rana Bhagraj Singh was died in 1654.His successor was Rana Gaj Singh.

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