Early Life:-

Rana Bhimdevi Rathi was born into a Rathi Jat Family from Chaugama.


A Sabha of the sarv-khap was arranged by him in à forest near Baraut [a village-now a town’ area in khap Desh]. on the parva [the first day.of each half of a lunar month] of Biadon (AugüstSeptember) 1254 s.B. Sa.D. 1197] under his presidentship .The méeting was called to discuss the ban of Sultan Quub-ud- din of Delhi on holding panchayat meetings and his levying of the jazia, The Sabha decided not to obey the ban and to do military preparations.

The chronicler records at the same place: “The panchayat armies fought a bättle against the Muslim army from Delhi which invadcd the sarv-khap arca to crush the revolt. The panchayat army, about 90,000 strong, succceded in repelling the attack of the Sultan’s army. The battle, took. place near Meerut. Five thousand Jats and four thousand soldiers of other castes lost their lives.

Sultan Qutub-ud-din withdrew the ban on holding the panchayat meetings..

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