He was successor of Rana Bagraj Singh Of Gohad , Rana Gaj Singh ascended the throne of Gohad in 1654. He was 16th direct descendants of Bamrolia Jat ruler Rana Jai Singh Of Bairat and 13th Rana Of Gohad. He was a skilled general and a brave ruler.  He prepared a systematic plan for the expansion of the state.  During his reign, the Jats built mud vehicles in the villages around Gohad, which led to the expansion of the kingdom. In the last years of his reign, the Mughal power was on the verge of decline.  Aurangzeb marched south with an army in 1681 and remained entangled there till his death, which weakened his control in North India, and small rulers began to expand their power.  Rana Gaj Singh also took advantage of this opportunity.  He expanded his kingdom substantially between the Chambal and Sindh rivers.  He died in 1690.  He built the main palace in Gohad fort, got many gardens and dug wells.  Built an impregnable chahar wall around Gohad fort.

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