Rana Jai Singh Of Bairat or Rana Jai Singh (1068 AD) was father of Rana Viramadeva and a prominent samant of Tomar Rulers of Delhi. And he was Ruler Of Bairat ( Present Alwar Region).

History :-
Rana Jai Singh was a brave, courageous warrior, he had prepared an army by forming an organization of Jats, Ahirs and Gurjars and other castes.

Jai Singh’s friendship with Tomar Samrat of Delhi :-
Jai Singh and Tomar Emperor of Delhi – At this time there was the empire of Tomar Emperor Anangpal II (1051-1081) in Delhi. There was a war between Anangpal II and Ghazni Sultan Ibrahim (1059-1099) at Tanwar Hindal and Rupal (Nurpur), both states were under the Tomar Empire. The emperor had prevented Ibrahim from moving forward. In this war, Jai Singh had come with 3000 soldiers to participate in the war against Ibrahim on the side of Tomar Emperor. Under the leadership of Jai Singh, his army showed indomitable courage in the battlefield, which the Turk army could not enter the Tomar kingdom.And its descendants later founded Gohad Kingdom after 450 years. And later also ruled Dholpur till independence.

References :-

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