Rani Raghubir Kaur Sahiba of Ballabgarh , also known as “Rajkumari Bibiji Raghubir Kaur Sahiba”, she was daughter of  Raja Fateh Singh Ahluwalia Of Kapurthala born at Kapurthala Fort in 1837, She was married to Tewaita Jat ruler Raja Nahar Singh of Ballabgarh. He rebelled and fought against the British in the revolution of 1857 . In this his wife Rani Raghubir Kaur also participated very enthusiastically. And Raja Nahar Singh had kept Delhi in his possession for 132 days. Raja Nahar Singh was called for the sad. He caught them with deception. He was hanged at Chandni Chowkon 21st April 1858, his successor was his son of Rajkumar Ram Singh.

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