Rao Bahardev Punia (1097 AD) was born in 1097 AD in the house of Chaudhary Utgar of Puniya/ Poonia, Rao Bahr established Bahrmer (now Barmer) with his own name in 1127 AD. Due to internal strife, Barmer state was snatched from Rao Bahardev Punia and throne came into the hands of Sodha Rajputs. Rao Bahardev Punia came to Pushkar from Barmer in 1178 AD and got a Shiva temple built on Harsha’s mountain in place of Jinmata In 1188 AD, Rao Bahardev Punia laid the foundation of his famous republic at Jhansal. In the contemporary struggles to maintain the kingdom, the capital of the Punia’s had to be shifted from Jhansal to LudI.

Rao Kanhadev Punia, a descendant of Bahrdev, emerged as a famous ruler of the republic, who fought against the Godara Jats and Rathor Rajputs. Rao Kanhadev Punia got an independent citadel constructed at Ludi but Poniagadh was named Rajgadh after Rathore Rajah, Raisingh Kedh.


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