Rao Manchand Nauhwar and his rebellion during the time of Ibrahim Lodhi.

Rao Manchand Nauhwar was the estate holder of Jartauli (in Aligarh District) then the capital of Nauhwar Jats (conquered in 13th century). During the reign of Ibrahim Lodhi, Rao Manchand with other Jat Zamindars of Jartauli revolted against Ibrahim Lodhi. The revolt became very serious. Umar Khan the son of Sikandar Sur was send to attack Rao Manchand. The Jat forces killed Umar Khan and fortified themselves. The revolt was crushed by Qasim Khan the Governer of Sambhal.Rao Manchand was killed by the Pathan. His sons Rao Ratiram and Nar Singh escaped.

Aftermath of rebellion

Pathan occupied Jartauli and Noh (the ancestral seat of Nauhwars). They slowly get rid of Jat Zamindars in Koel Sarkar. Jat lost influence in Koil Sarkar for many decades. Rao Ratiram won Noh from Pathans and built the fort of Bajana (which he made his capital). His grandson Amar Singh later conquered the fort of Khair from Mughals and conquered territory till Khurja and played an important role in Jat-Mughal War(1689-95).

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