He was a jat cheiftian of village Nirpura in Chaugama.He called a big Sabha on his piyau (water tank).


He called a Sabha of thc sarv-khap in 1455 samvat[A.D. 1398] in a forest between the villages of Dogath and Dah [khap Chaugama] on his piyau (water tank), under. the presidentship of Rana Dev Pal , to discuss the invasion of Temur Lang. The resolutions passed were: :-

Vacate the villages.

Able-bodied persons should join ‘the Khap army.

Fight the armies of Temur, which are advancing from Delhi towards Hardwar, by guerilla warfare and by surprise attacks

According to the records a panchayat army of about 20,000 soldiers encountered Temur’s armies in various battlies. About 6,000 soldiers of the panchayat army were killed in these encounters.

The army was successful in protecting there area, and gave a tough battle under the leadership of pradhan senapati Yograj Singh Gujjar and Up-pradhan senapati Harveer Singh Gullia.

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