He was a Baliyan (Raghuvanshi) Jat cheiftian from Sisauli, he had given his contribution at the time of Muhammad Ghori invasion by collecting all the local cheiftian under one Flag.


He had organized a big Sabha of the Sarv-khap panchayat . in. 1258 samvat,-; [A.D. 1201] in a forest between the [present] villages of Bhaju and Bhanera of the khap Baliyan, attended by cheftians of 13 khaps of the upper region of the doab. The pradhan [châirman]: of the Sabha was Rao Vijay of the khap Baliyan; from the village Sisauli.The meeting was called to discuss the defeat of the Rathors and Chauhans of Delhi by Muhammad Ghori and change in political environment of India.The Sabha decided to defend there territory from the invasion of Ghori and to die for the defence of our country and our religion.

The second resolution passed by the panchayat was to raise an army of 60,000-100,000. persons from various khaps to defend. the sarv-khap area against an anticipated attack by Muhammad Ghori and to protect the area from pillage and plunder.

The third resolution, was ‘to maintain” peace’and unity. within the khaps territory.

The fourth resolution wás that ‘mariage parties should be accompanied by armed guards.

The Sabha was completed peacefully with the contribution of every person.

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