To the northward of Delhi, Sindhia’s difficulties arosechiefly from the Jat Sikhs who obstructed the collection of his revenues. A Marathi despatch states:In the imperial territory from Panipat to Delhi the Sikh Jats and Gujars are carrying on their depredations. They have blocked the highways.T he Emperor’s rule exists as usual from Panipat toKoil (Aligarh), where the Sikhs realize rakhi. The Gujars of the neighbourhood of Delhi commit robberies at night inbthe city, In January, 1786 when Dhar Rao was busy in assisting the Patiala Raja, Bhanga Singh. Karam Singh and other Jat chiefs with 5,000 borse crossed the Jumna and plundered a few villages near Ghausgarh. Then they ravaged Meerut, Hapur and Garhmuktesar. To expel the Sikhs from the Doib Ravloji Sindhi reached Hapur at the head of nearly 7,000 cavalry, with ten pieces of cannon. The Sikhs marched back towards the Jumna. Ravloji pursued them as far as Kairana. The Sikhs crossed the river into their own territory; but a body of them under Karam Singh managed to escape towards Ghausgarh and committed ravages. Bapuji Malhar and Devii Gavle with a force of 3.000 were sent after them. As the Sikh Jats and Gujars who were working in concert were larger in number, the Marathas refrained from fighting. To drive away the Sikhs from the Delhi district Ganpat Rao Krishan came from Meerut to Baghpat; while Shah Nizam-ud-din reached Delhi. Ganpat Rao was joined by Haibat Rao Phalke; but the Dallewalia Jat Sardars with a body of 4,000 horse were ready to oppose them. Shyam Rao Appaji at the head of two regiments of infantry and 500 cavalry with Ghulam Qadir as his assistant was sent to Panipat to guard the imperial frontier. The Sikhs were afraid of being intercepted in their rear by the Maratha forces, and decided to return home before Appaji and Ghulam Oadir would reach the Karnal district. By chis time they had acquired a large booty and with it they retired to this side of the Jumna.

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