It focuses on the political borders of the region back in 1835. Blue ones are Kapurthala’s territories, Yellow one we have Lahore Empire of Bhatti Jats and Red ones are the Phulkian states Of Sidhu Jats, which also included Bhadaur at that time.
Malwa expeditions of Maharaja Ranjit Singh managed to annex greater western portions of the Bhadaur state, thus unlike dominant narrative of Sutlej being Lahore’s easternmost territory is somewhat Not true as Maharaja Ranjit Singh managed to retain these areas in 1809 Amritsar treaty, though he can’t deploy his army here now.
Phulkians which included around 13 states ,big and small, were famous for fighting among themselves even for a single acre of land and Ranjit Singh also tries to play the part but they usually allied themselves against the Lahore’s aggression and invited the British to Malwa region of Punjab thus preventing Ranjit’s further encroachment on their kingdoms. We usually don’t find much about Bhadaur and Lahore’s relationship but we do know for sure that Lahore’s 3rd Maharaja, Nau Nihal Singh had married the daughter of Bhadaur’s ruler, and she committed sati after Nau Nihal died on 6 November, 1840. As the map carries old English names, let me update

  • Bhuttindah-Bathinda
  • Bhuddour-Bhadaur
  • Vunala-Barnala
  • Hudawah-Handiaya
  • Phool-Phul
  • Wudnee- Badhni Kalan
  • Attoor-Hathur
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