Risaldar Sant Singh Of Veglia was born into a Bhullar Jat family, He was son of Ran Singh Of Veglia, was sent down to Delhi as Jamadar in the Risala raised by Major R. Lawrence in July, 1857, to serve with the Guide Cavalry at the siege. A portion of the Risala was permanently transferred to the Guide Corps; the remainder formed the nucleus of the Delhi Monnted Police, in which Sant Singh was promoted to be Risaldar. He served with zeal and ability till the reduction of the military police, when he received his discharge. He afterwards joined the provincial police as an Inspector. In 1866 he was transferred at his own request to the 4th Bengal Cavalry, in which regiment he was subsequently made Wardi-Major and Risaldar. He served throughout the Afghan War of 1879-80, and acquitted himself well on several occasions before the enemy. He retired in 1882 after thirty-two years’ meritorious service on a pension of Rs. 360 per annum. He was died in 1891,

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