Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj He was born in 1717 A.D. in the village Chhudani, district Jhajjar, Haryana in a Dhankhar family of Jats His father’s name is Chaudhary Balramage Chhudani. Shri Shivlal Ji had no son. Therefore, Chaudhary Balram Singh Ji was kept in the house. After 12 years of marriage SantGarib Das Ji Maharaj Ji was born in the village Chhodani. Chaudhary Shivlal Ji had 2500 Bighas (big Bigha which is 2.75 times bigger than today’s Bigha and counts for 1400 acres of land).

Chaudhary Balram Singh was the heir of all that land and after him, his only son Sant Garib Das Ji inherited all that land. Garib Das Ji used to go to cow grazing with other cowherds since childhood.

Saint Garib Das’s spiritual journey started when Respected Kabir God met him at the age of 10 years. After taking initiation from Kabir Saheb, he went to Satlok with him On the way, Lord Kabir also showed him heaven. When they reached Satlok, he (child Garib das) saw Lord Kabir was sitting on the throne. Then, child Garib das became shocked because Lord Kabir was also standing along with him in the form of Zinda Mahatma. After a moment, the two forms of Lord Kabir merged, and only Lord Kabir on the throne remained. Then, God Kabir sent him back to earth. After coming back to earth, he started telling all the villagers and everyone about lord Kabir.

The knowledge received from God got written in seven months in Garibdas’s garden of berries by sitting under a Khejri (Jand) tree, and thus the handwritten Holy Book Sri Sat Granth Sahib (Amarbodh, Amargranth) was composed. Mahatma Garib Das Maharaj went to Satlok in 1778 at the age of 61 A memorial, Chhatri Saheb, was cremated at the village Chhudani. After this, appearing in the same body, he lived in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh for 35 years. There is also a memorial Chhatri Sahib built in his name.

The sect ongoing from Saint Garib Das Ji GaribdasPanth is also a Kabir panth. And, in the Holy Kabir Sagar chapter Kabir Bani (Bodh Sagar) and chapter Kabir Charitr Bodh, Garib Das Panth is written as the twelfth sect (Panth) of Kabir panth and that the twelfth Panth would be “the Dawn”. It is also written in the Holy Kabir Sagar that the thirteenth Panth will emerge from the twelfth Panth only when Kabir Sahib himself would come in the twelfth Panth.

Just after Kabir Sahib Ji left Sant Garib Das Ji’s soul back on earth, Sant Garib Das Ji uttered numerous Banis saying that Kabir Sahib only is the Supreme God in Satlok.

Just like Kabir Sahib Ji, Sant Garib Das Ji has also criticised both Hindus’ and Muslims’ spiritual leaders for ignorantly preaching wrong worship and knowledge in the society

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