Sardar Amar Singh of Jadah, was born into Shergill Jat family, he was the son of Sardar Manna Singh Majithia of Jadah, When he was young he was join the army of Bhatti Jat ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Lahore, and the Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Lahore gave him the villages of Thallanwala and Sheikhopur, worth 1,500 Rs., and placed him in the DerahKhas, a regiment of irregular cavalry , At the siege of Multan, in 1818, the young Amar Singh displayed great gallantry, and for hi a services in this campaign received the Ilaka of Majrah. The next year, after the Kashmir campaign, he obtained a grant of Jadah, which had been held by his father, Manna Singh. He was sent to reduce the Rokhri insurgents in the Shahpur district, who had refused to pay the revenue, and his expedition was quite successful. In 1834, he accompanied the army under’Prince Nao Nihal Singh, and Sirdar Hari Singh Nalwa, to Peshawar, when that province was formally annexed to the Sikh empire. He was employed, in this campaign, on outpost duty, and many a severe fight he had with the Afghans. At Shabkadr he was wounded by a musket ball in a night attack made by the Afghans, in force, but although taken by surprise he rallied his men and drove back the enemy.

At the battle of Jamrud, on the 30th April, 1837, Sirdar Amar Singh commanded the centre “Miyana” of the Sikh army, consisting of the Maharaja’s Orderly troops, called the Jamadarwala Derah, and a thousand irregular cavalry, and.distinguished himself by his conspicuous bravery ; but the Afghans were very numerous, and the Sikh army was defeated with the loss of the General. The last expedition of Sardar Amar Singh was, in 1843, in Kachhi, where an insurrection had broken out,which he quickly suppressed. He did not serve in the Satlej campaign, and on its close, being a celebrated marksman, was chosen to instruct the young Maharaja Dalip Singh of Lahore, in shooting. The next year he left the Panjab On a pilgrimage to Hardwar, where he soon after died.


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