Sardar Bahadur Jiwan Singh Of Padhania O.B.E, was the son of Sardar Hardit Singh Of Padhania and great grandson of General Sardar Jwala Singh Of Padhania exercised the powers of an Honorary Magistrate and of a Civil Judge for a long period of 35 years and his jurisdiction extended over the whole of the Lahore district. He was granted the title of “Sardar Bahadur” in 1915 and the O.B.E. in 1923. During the Great War he helped in the work of recruitment and collecting subscriptions. In 1916 he was awarded a landed gentry grant of ten rectangles in the Montgomery district. For a time he was Vice-Chairman of the Lahore District Board.
Sardar Bahadur Jiwan Singh, O.B.E was died in 1988, leaving two sons, Sardul Singh and Maqbul Singh.

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