Sardar Bahadur Sir Jawahir Singh C.I.E , M.L.A Of Mustafabad, was first appointed a Provincial Darbari in 1906, and later made an Honorary Magistrate and a Civil Judge. He was awarded the Coronation Medal in 1911. In 1910 he was granted the right of adoption by means of a sanad and four years afterwards was awarded the title of Sardar Bahadur. In 1917 he received a grant of 10 squares of land in the Landed Gentry Block.

During the Great War the “Sardar Bahadur” provided, at his own expense, one hundred recruits for the Indian army, and received in return & sword of honour from Government. During the Akali Movement he rendered valuable help to the administration, and, as a counter-blast against that movement, started an association called the Zamindar Association, which developed into an influential body of Zamindars and had its branches in every district. Similarly he was one of the originators of the Sikh Sudhar Movement. In 1924 the Sardar Bahadur was nominated as a member of the Punjab Legislative Council, and a year later was awarded the title of C.I.E. In 1927 he was nominated as a member of the Indian Legislative Assembly and invested with Ist Class powers as a Magistrate. In 1929 he received a further grant of 5 squares of land from Government, and in 1934 he earned the high distinction of being made a Knight Bachelor. For good services rendered in 1985 he was awarded the Silver Jubilee Medal. He was also a member of the Indian Legislature.

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