Sardar Balbir Singh Mann Of Mannawala was the eldest child of Gurcharan Singh Mann a Jagirdar of  Mannawala District Sheikhupura (now in Pakistan) was born in 1919. His Father was one the chiefs of Punjab and after the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre he came openly against the British. He was fired with the Spirit of nationalism at a very young age of 10 years. He passed his matriculation from Bara pind District Jalandhar and then joined P.C. College in Lahore for Graduation. Barapind was the hub of the ongoing national activities so he could not immune himself from its revolutionary influence.  While studying in college he went to meet  Mahatma Gandhi in his Ashram. Along with his Aunt Bibi Gurbachan Kaur, one of the known women social worker of Punjab who remained in the forefront of the women’s movements post Independence in Punjab. Bibi Gurbachan Kaur was a Blind Philanthropist and opened educational institutes for girls including Mata Gujri college Fatehgarh sahib. Influenced by Gandhi he took to wearing Khadi.

He was an active participant in Quit India Movement. He and his Uncle Sardar Bhupinder Singh Mann riding a Bullock Cart in Sheikhupura raised Slogans against the British Rule. They both were taken into custody and sent to Sheikhupura Jail. The British Government had a lenient view so he was released after five months.

After his release he became a member of the Congress and organized an underground group of Young and Enthusiastic Nationalist volunteers. He inculcated the masses with values of Socialism, Secularism and Nationalism. On the eve of Independence he matured into a hard boiled socialist at the age of 30. He passed away in 1984.

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