Sardar Budh Singh Of Moghalchak (died 1856) was probably the most prominent of the Mann Jat Sardars. He entered the services of Bhatti Jat ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Lahore as an orderly in 1816, and held the post for five years. On the death of his elder brother Sardar Sadda Singh in 1845, he received command of thirty horsemen, and later served as commandant, In General Claude Auguste Court’s Brigade. However, during the reign of Maharaja Sher Singh Of Lahore in 1841, his remuneration was drastically reduced, due to the fact that he was the brother-in-law of Sardar Attar Singh Sandhanwalia Of Raja Sansi, Maharaja Sher Singh’s staunch enemy, whom he desired to destroy. During the Anglo-Sikh Wars, he fought against the British Army, and after its close, he was reduced to the rank of a colonel.

He assisted Raja Gulab Singh Dogra, in subduing the rebellion in the volatile Hazara Province. However, he rendered great service to Major Nicholson and Major James Abbott in the Dhund Hills, Hazara (now in Pakistan) in 1847. It is well documented that the rebels endeavoured to entrap the loyalty of SardarBudh Singh Mann, but he stood firm, and refused to align himse with the insurgents, despite his own men I switching over to the side of Sidhu Jat Jagirdar Raja Chattar Singh Of Attariwala. At Peshawar, he was captured by the rebellious Sikh soldiers, and kept under house arrest, until the Battle of Gujrat was fought in 1849. Yet, he risked his own life and fortune, by remaining loyal to the British Crown, especially when his own friends and relatives had precariously sided with the rebèls, till the annexation of Punjab. There-fore, the following statement is relevant;

“The Mann Sardars were gallant, handsome and true” is certainly no exaggeration, and Sardar Budh Singh Mann Of Moghalchak truly upheld the fame of his reputation, that he was idolised by men from his own regiments. He retired to his Jagirs at Mananwala, in Sheikhupura District, till his death. He was succeeded by his three sons; Hira Singh (died 1884), Man Singh and Ram Singh. Sardar Bahadur Harnam Singh (1874-1921) was the only son of Sardar Ram Singh. He was an Honorary Magistrate of Manawala, and died aged only 46.

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