Sardar Chanda Singh Of Kalaswala was born into Bajwa Jat family, After the First Anglo-Sikh War ended in 1846, Chanda Singh along with his brother Gurdit Singh, rose in rebellion against British occupation of the Punjab.

In 1848, during the disturbances at Multan, both brothers fortified themselves in the fort at Kalaswala, which was later attacked by the British forces, destroying the village itself. It is believed that although Rani Khem Kaur had convinced her cousins to rebel against the British, she conspicuously was granted a pension by the British Government of Rs 2,400 per annum, which she enjoyed until her death in 1886. Sardar Chanda Singh settled down after the annexation of the Punjab in 1849, occupying himself in looking after the estates of his great-uncle, Sardar Dhanna Singh. He was died in 1867.

Reference :-

  • The Punjab Chiefs by Bobby Bansal.

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