Sardar Charat Singh of Ghorewah, was born into Sandhu Jat family, he was the son of Kumedan Sardar Jai Singh of Ghorewah, and brother of Kumedan Bhup Singh of Ghorewah, when he was young he was served under Lahore darbar along with his brother, later on both brother was acquired in Jagirs, the region of Akhnoor and Jammu , valued at Rs.40,000, from the Bhatti Jat ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Lahore, subject held the Jagir for fifteen years, and Sardar Charat Singh of Ghorewah was given an additional Jagir of Dharnwal, free of service with the rank of Commandant of an irregular regiment. Sardar Charat Singh was severely wounded, while fighting against Syed Ahmad Shah, along with Prince Sher Singh of Lahore, in 1831.

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