Sardar Chuhar Singh Of Bhadaur, was born into Sidhu Jat family ,he was the direct descendants of Chaudhari Phul Singh Of Mehraj , and he was son of Sardar Bigha Singh Of Bhadaur, Sardar Chuhar Singh was the most celebrated of all the Bhadauries. He lived in the time of the weak-minded Maharaja Sahib Singh of Patiala, and took advantage of the confusion into which affairs had fallen to seize ninety villages, including the district of Barnala; but he had to surrender most of his acquisitions later on. He also freely helped himself to the lands of Maler Kotla, and was in a fair way to become one of the leading Sikh Jat chiefs, when treachery put an end to his career. Chuhar Singh’s sons, Bir Singh and Dip Singh, were alive when the British power felt its way up to the south bank of the Sutlej. They at first admitted Patiala to be their bead, and identified themselves with the interests of that State; but perceiving the advantages attaching to independence, they afterwards claimed the privilege of dealing direct with the British Government. Sardar Chuhar Singh Of Bhadaur was died in 1793.

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