Sardar Dhanna Singh Bajwa Of Bhera, the Bhera territory was lost to Jhanda Singh Bhangi in 1771 who gave it to his associate, Dhanna Singh Bajwa who belonged to Kalawala in the Rachna Doab and had only a few villages in his possession. He married his son Jodh Singh co the daughter of Sahib Singh of Gujrat which further strengthened his position because Sahib Singh was at that time one of the most powerful Sikh Sardars.

On his death in 1793, he was succeeded by Jodh Singh who aligned with Sahib Singh against Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Lahore in 1800. In 1803 he was forced to surrender Bhera to Ranjit Singh for some time. He was able to hold his possessions in Rachna Doab, but in 1806-07 finally, he was compelled to accept a service Jagir while his territories worth about Rs. 60000 in the Sialkot region were annexed to the kingdom of Lahore


  • Settlement Report Jhang (1882); Ali-ud-Din Mufti, Ibrat Nama (Pbi. Tr.), p. 388.
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