Sardar Godar Singh Of Mokal, was born into Sandhu Jat family, when he was young he become Rasaldar in Hodson’s Horse, and served for more than two years with credit. He was discharged when his troop was disbanded in March 1860. When the Chinese War broke out, Godar Singh Of Mokal volunteered his services, but there was no vacancy in Fane’s Horse at the time, and they were declined. He received a grant of fifty acres of land in Rakh Mndkiat the same time as his cousin Sardar Mana Singh of Mokal . He was Zaildar of Thata Jaloki, Chunian, Lahore. He was givena place in the Provincial Darbar List in succession to Sardar Mana Singh of Mokal 1884.


  • The Punjab Chiefs by Charles Massy
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