Sardar Gour Singh Of Attariwala, was born into Sidhu Jat family, He became a disciple of Baba MuIdas, an ascetic ot great sanctity, who directed him to settle at Tibtia, or Karewa, where Gour Singh accordingly built an (Attari,’ or thatched house, which gave its name to the family, and to the village, which rose around it. After the death of Gurbaksh Singh Bhangi, Gour Singh Of Attari served under Sirdar Gujar Singh Bhangi and Lehna Singh Bhangi Of Lahore., In 1737 , he took possession of the villages around Attari, to the value of 7,000 Rs. per annum, and, two years afterwards, received from Sirdar Gujar Singh, a Jagir worth 18,600 Rs. He died in 1763, and his son Nihal Singh continued to hold the jagir, under Sirdar Sahib Singh, Bhangi, son of Sirdar Gujar Singh Bhangi Of Lahore.


  • The Punjab chiefs historical and biographical notices of the principal families in the territories under the Punjab government-1865 by L.H Griffin.

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