Sardar Gulab Singh Brar of Faridkot was born at Qila Mubarak, Faridkot State in1797, He was eldest son of Sardar Charat Singh Brar of Faridkot, Succeeded on the death of his grand uncle in 1804. He fought many wars and won almost every war, made improvements and was also able to increase the area of ​​the Faridkot State later Expelled by Bhatti Jat sikh ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Lahore who granted Faridkot to General Diwan Mohkam Chand, October 1808. Restored after British intervention 3rd April 1809. He was done first marriage to Sardarni Dharam Kaur, member Council of Regency 1826-1827, daughter of Sardar Jodh Singh Kaleka of Jamma, in Patiala state, And second was a daughter of Sardar Sher Singh Gill of Gholia, in the Moga territory. He was died at Qila Mubarak at, Faridkot State, 5th November 1826,

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