Sardar Gulzar Singh Of Kalianwala, was born in 1857,into Sandhu Jat family, he was the son of Sardar Lal Singh Of Kalianwala, he was received his father’s Jagir of Rs 15,000 per annum, on the recommendations of the British authorities. He was privately educated. He had dashing good looks, and was very well-mannered. He became an Honorary Magistrate and a Provincial Durbari. During the visit of King George V to India, he met the Monarch during the great Delhi Durbar of 1911. He would spend most of his time at his sprawling mansion, consisting of eighty three acres near Bhatti Gate, Lahore. He was regarded as an influential person, who was well respected by his fellow brethren, and took care of the welfare of his people. He was married and had four sons; Balwant Singh, the eldest was an alcoholic, who sadly passed away one year before his father’s demise, in 1928. The other sons were Igbal Singh, Dalip Singh and Narinderjit Singh.

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