Sardar Inder Singh Of Thethar was born into a. Sandhu Jat family he was direct descendants of Chaudhary Chur Singh who was founder of Thethar Estate in 1720s.Inder Singh Of Thethar was Inspector of Police, who acted as orderly officer to every Lieutenant-Governor of the Province from Sir John Lawrence’s time until his retirement, when he was made Honorary Attaché to His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor. He held the highest testimonials from Lord Lawrence, Sir Robert Montgomery, Sir Henry Davies, Sir Robert Egerton, and Sir Charles Aitchison. It may be noted that his grandfather, Sahib Singh, was always about the person of Ran-fit Singh in the Maharaja’s younger days, and instructed him in sword exercise and horsemanship. He was present with the Maharaja in most of his earlier campaigns. Inder Singh’s father, Sher Singh, received the title of ustad, or master, for his proficiency as a swordsman, and was a respected official at Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s court, also taking part in many expeditions on the Bannu and Peshawar frontiers. On one occasion, before Attock, he received a bad gun-shot wound in the thigh.*
Sardar Indar Singh died in 1901 and was succeeded by his eldest son Sardar Teja Singh.

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