Sardar Jaimal Singh Of Kanhaiya, was born in 1771, he was the only son of Sandhu Jat Chief Sardar Haqiqat Singh Of Kanhaiya , Although he did not extend the Kanhaiya possessions, he managed to retain them till his untimely death in 1812, due to effects of poison administered by his wife.He left no son to succeed his estates, and accordingly Maharaja Ranjit Singh seized the entire Kanhaiya possessions.Hemarried twice, firstly to Sardarni Sahib Kaur, daughter of Sidhu Jat ruler Maharaja Amar Singh of Patiala. Before his death, Sardar Jamal Singh married off his only daughter,Maharani Chand Kaur (1802-1842), aged barely ten, to Kanwar Kharak Singh, the future Maharaja of Punjab, and the marriage was celebrated with the greatest splendour at Fatehgarh on February 6,1812. The wedding was attended by the Sidhu Jatrules of Kaithal, Nabha, Jind and Colonel David Ochterlony (1758-1825), Agent of the Governor-General. However, three months later, the widow of Jaimal Singh, gave birth to a son, and named the infant Chanda Singh. The Maharaja released a portion of the estate to the value of Rs 15,000, in favour of the infant, Chanda Singh.He was died in 1812.

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