SardarJasmer Singh Of Charik (1866-1925) was the son of Sardar Hira Singh. He became a powerful Jagirdar of the Charik region during his lifetime. Besides his ancestral Jagir of Charik, he was also the sole proprietor of village Bobani, Ferozepur District, and was entitled to maintain sixteen guns with a license, in the Kalsia State. At the time, he was connected with the royal families of Faridkot, Nabha, Sangrur and Kalsia. He was held in such high esteem by the people of his region, as well as inhabitants of Kalsia, for his humane qualities. His loyalty to his state, and to the British Government was well recognised. He supplied over 102 recruits from Charik, during the First World War in 1915. His second son, Gamdur Singh, was also enlisted in the British Army. Such was his generosity, that he subscribed Rs 12,000 to the War Loans, and Rs 4,125 to the War Fund. In 1917 he was appointed a life member of St John Ambulance Association, and was granted a first class ‘Sanad’ for services rendered in connection with recruiting, in the Kalsia State during1917-18, by the Commissioner and Political Agent of Ambala. In addition, he also received a letter of thanks from the Commissioner, referring to the enlistment of his son Gamdur Singh in the Army.He was applauded for having set a fine example for the Jagirdars of his State.Appropriately, he was awarded recognition for his valuable services rendered, during the First World War, by the Punjab Government, in 1919.

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