Sardar Jiwan Singh, C.S.I Of Shahzadpur also know as “Musfiq Maharban -i- Dostan Jiwan Singh Shahid”, was born in 1860 into a Sandhu Jat family ,He was son of “Musfiq Maharban Sardar Shiv Kirpal Singh Shahid”, He was done there educated at the Government Wards’ School, Ambala. He worked for several years as an Honorary Magistrate, and Honorary Civil Judge, a member of the District Board and of the committee of management of the Aitchison College, Lahore.
A man of high character, he commanded universal respect. Being a great sportsman he kept a fine racing stable at Shahzadpur. As head of the family he was the second Provincial Darbari of the district and in 1891 was made a C.S.I. He was entitled to be addressed as Sardar Sahib Musfiq Maharban -i- Dostan, though was more commonly known by the native title of “Shahid”, which ensured him respect from the Sikhs throughout the Punjab. He was married in 1884 to a sister of the then Maharaia of Patiala, an alliance which increased the dignity and prominence of the house. The Sardar inherited a Jagir of Rs. 26,000 from his father and owned, in addition, large landed property in various districts of the Punjab and United Provinces. During the Great War he rendered noticeable service to Government in many ways, particularly by subscribing sums amounting to Rs. 20,000 to the War Loan and various other War funds. For these services he was awarded a sanad and a sword of honour. He died in 1927.

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