Sardar Jiwan Singh of Buria, was born into Mannan Jat family, he was the son of Jaimal Singh of Buria, During the Satlaj campaigns Sardar Jiwan Singh’s relatives behaved with conspicuous loyalty. In the war of 1849, he furnished levies and advanced Rs. 50,000 on loan to the military treasury. During the Mutiny the young Sardar himself commanded a body of twenty horsemen and eighty-six footmen locally raised and maintained at his own charges, and held the town of Jagadhri for some weeks. He on this occasion also lent a considerable sum of money to assist the authorities in meeting the current expenses of the war. His services were rewarded by a remission for one year of his commutation payment of Rs. 4,138, and by a permanent reduction of the demand to one-half. Also he become an Honorary Magistrate and Sub-Registrar within the limits of his estates. He was one of the most enlightened of the Jatsikh Chiefs of the Ambala district. He was honored in 1887 by being the recipient of the Order of the Indian Empire, conferred in recognition of his loyal public services. His jagirs and mafis yield an income of Rs. 5,500 ; and his rents from proprietary holdings amount to Rs. 41,500 per annum.


  • Chiefs and families of note in the Delhi, Jalandhar, Peshawar and Derajat divisions of the Panjab by Massy, Charles Francis, 1845
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