Sardar Jiwan Singh Of Thehpuria , Was born in Gill Jatfamily,He was son of Sardar Milkha Singh Of Rawalpindi, Sardar Jiwan Singh became a powerful Jagirdar in the area and founded the village of QilaJiwan Singh, on the land which he inherited from his father. It is located presently about 4 kilometres south of Thehpura, in Lahore District. About 1798, Sardar Jiwan Singh had constructed a fort in the village, along with many handsome dwellings. Interestingly, most of the fort has been demolished, along with nearby Structures that have simply collapsed, besides the few portions that still remain, are now in a dilapidated state. It is clearly evident that the crumbling structures that stand today, show a splendid past of Sikh architecture. Sardar Jiwan Singh served under the Lahore Dubar in the Kashmir campaign of 1814, and later acquired the village of Kaleke Uttar, now located in the Patti tehsil, in district Tarn Taran, where village elders even today, are aware of SardarJiwan Singh’s historical association with the village, and that of Qila Jiwan Singh. On his death, he was cremated in the village Qila Jiwan Singh, where a grand octagonal samadhi was raised in his memory, which coincidently still stands precariously near the Indo-Pak border.He was died in 1815, and 3rd Chief Of Thehpuria was Sardar Anand Singh .

He was survived by three sons:

Anand Singh, Ram Singh and Gurmukh Singh. The latter was in command of the Pindiwala Regiment, but was killed in the Kamlagarh (Himachal Pradesh) uprising of 1840. Ram Singh died in 1816.

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