SardarJodh Singh Brar Of Kotkapura was son of ChaudhariSukha Singh Brar and Grandson of ChaudhariKapur Singh Brar Of Kotkapura , When Sukhia Singh Brar was died in 1731. Sukhia died in 1731,aged fifty, leaving three sons,Jodh Singh Brar , ChaudhariHamir Singh ,Later Founder Of Faridkot State , SardarBir Singh Brar who for some time lived together in peace, but at length they Quarreled, and the two younger wished to divide the Estate) Jodh, being on ill terms with his brothers, quarreled with them. The Faridkot Fort was then held by Jodh Singh, and was kept in charge of his Thanadar. The country all around had been desolated by yearly famines. Hamir Singh having intrigued with the leaders of the tribes won them over to his side, they being already discommended with Jodh’s high-handedness; and succeeded, by a feat of policy, in turning out Jodh’sThanadar and soldiers from Faridkot, himself getting possession of the fort. Jodh attacked him more that once, but could not succeed. Eventually the rival brothers asked the Confederate Chiefs from beyond the Sutlej to

intervene , according to whose decision , Faridkot with the adjoining country was retained by Hamir Singh Of Faridkot, Mari Mustafa was assigned to Bir, while KotKapura fell to the lot of Jodh Singh. These Confederate Chiefs, at the same time, induced the three brothers to embrace Sikhism and to receive the “Pahul.”Jodh Singh, in 1766, erected a new fort at KotKapura, and almost rebuilt the town; but his oppression was so great that the inhabitants left it, and the artisans, who had been renowned for their skill and industry, emigrated to Lahore, Amritsar and Patiala. He was constantly engaged in hostilities with Raja Amar Singh of Patiala, and in 1767,. the Raja havingfound at the suggestion of the Chiefs brother, a satisfactory pretext for a quarrel, marched to KotKapura, with a strong force, and prepared to invest the fort, when Jodh Singh and his son, advancing in a chariot too far beyond the walls, fell into an ambuscade laid by the Patiala troops. He was killed, fighting gallantly to the last, his son, Jit Singh, being mortally wounded.

Jodh Singh was succeeded by his son, Tek Singh

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