Sardar Jodh Singh Of Attariwala , was born into a Sidhu Jat family , He entered the service of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Lahore in 1805, after a brave but vain attempt to hold the fort of Kalar against that chief in the interests of his master, Sahib Singh Bhangi. He was received with great favour, and obtained a grant of a large tract of country valued at two lakhs of rupees, in Pathwar, consisting of the tapas of Barsali, Bishandar, Saidpur and others, subject to the service of two hundred horsemen. Jodh Singh soon after this died, and his two sons, Partab Singh and Chatar Singh, succeeded to the jagirs. Partab Singh fought in the battle of Teri in 1823, when he was wounded in the hand. In the battle of Balakot, where Khalifa Sayad Ahmad was defeated and slain. Partab Singh was badly wounded, and, returning to his Jagir, died some months later from the effects of his wound.

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