Sardar Kapoor Singh Of Kaleke , was born into a Sarao Jat family , He was the next in line to serve the Maharaia, in all capacities assigned to him at MotiBagh Palace. He proved to be an honest an responsible officer, performing duties diligently alongside Mahara Rajinder Singh, till his death in tow

Later, accompanied Maharaja Bhupinder Singh as his Aide-De. Camp, to his Coronation at Shimla, in 1909. He was entrusted with all the travel arrangements from Patiala to Shimla. The return journey took ten days, in which the Maharaja was awestruck with the work of Kapoor Singh. He was appointed an Army officer in charge of recruitment, and was commissioned and posted as recruitment officer at Bhatinda in 1910. For the next eighteen years, he remained posted in recruitment till 1928.

Sources :-

  • The Punjab Chiefs – Bobby Bansal.

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