Sardar Karam Singh of Bazidpur, He was the younger son of Choudhary Sukchain Singh , of Balanwali and Badru khan and elder brother of Raja Gajpat Singh Of Jind, He was a brave Sidhu Jat warrior who fought against the Imperial troops, and secured a great territory after the conquest of Sirhind in 1763. He was done there three marriages first with a lady from the Gill clan of Gholia Chubara , second with a lady from the Mann clan of Maur Saboki And last with Sardarni Malan Kaur , daughter of a Dhaliwal Zamindar, When it was at its peak, he dominated his area and expanded his estate to a very large extent. In 1764 , he was returning after winning the war, he fell down due to the horse’s feet hitting the pit and died instantly.

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