Sardar Karam Singh Of Chinah, was born into Gill Jat family, when he was young he was try to expend his Estate and later on he joined the Bhangi Misal and took possession of Firozki ‘ Kalaki, Rurki and Bajra in the Sialkot district; besides holding Chinah and the neighbouring villages. All the Bhangi Sardars fell, one by one, before Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Lahore, and Karam Singh shared the common fate and lost all his estates ; os but no long time afterwards he received back in Jagir Chinah, Nagran and: Firozki, worth Rs. 50,000, subject to the service ‘ of seventy horsemen. With his two sons, Sukh Singh and Budh Singh.


  • The Punjab Chiefs by Charles Massy (1890)
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