Sardar Lal Singh Of Kalianwala , was born in 1823 into a Sandhu Jat family,He had been detained by the rebellious Sikh Army at Multan. Later, he commanded five hundred men of cavalry at Hasan Abdal, known as Punja Sahib. Although uneducated, his services briefly included being appointed Chief Justice of Batala in 1848, and although he took no active part in public affairs, yet he was a committee member, which maintained the tomb of Maharaja Ranjit Singh at Lahore. He inherited his father’s vast Jagir, worth Rs 150,000 lakh along with twelve villages, situated around his ancestral village of Kalu. When the British Army disbanded the old Sikh soldiers of the mighty Khalsa Army, that had served the Lahore Durbar, his revenue was decreased to a mere Rs 17,000 per annum.

He was a splendid specimen of the old Sikh aristocracy, who was fond of hunting, hawking and kept many eagles. Although he was married four times, he had no issue, and adopted his nephew, Gular Singh, He was died in 1888.

Sources :-

  • The Punjab Chiefs By Bobby Bansal

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