Sardar Nar Singh Of Chamyari, was the successor of Chamyari Estate, when he was young he invaded the Sialkot district and took possession of Pasrur. He held Ajnala, Badiana, Chamiri, Chewindan, Chhor, Dhamtal, Jahur, Jahirwah, Khanowala, Lalah Marara, Mundeke Bajwa, Pasrur, and Sankhatra. He then transferred his loyalties to the Kanahiya Misal and later on fought with or against Jhanda Singh Bhangi at Numar in the Sialkot district. In 1800 and 1801 he supported Sahib Singh Bhangi of Gujrat against Ranjit Singh. Realizing the strength of Ranjit Singh, he himself submitted to him in 1804. He was allowed to remain in possession of his territories but on terms of vassalage. He died in 1806 and Ranjit Singh seized all his Parganas. On the death of Nar Singh his sons were minor. Ranjit Singh took possession of the grater portion of the family estates, including the share in Sialkot district and the Taluqia of Saddowal, Chaniwala and Chaimari. The widow, Mai Milkyan and the sons of Nar Singh were left with only a small portion of their estate.


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