Sardar Randhir Singh Bajwa Of Kalasbajwa (1894-1952) was the son of Bajwa Jat Chief Sardar Raghbir Singh Of Kalasbajwa. He became the head representative of the family, on his father’s demise in 1898, He was educated at Aitchison College, Lahore, and obtained a diploma from the prestigious college in 1913. Later; he became preoccupied with collecting funds for the War Loans, and succeeded in gathering the second largest number of recruits. For his efforts. he was awarded a gun, a medal, several sanads, certificates and two square miles of land. In 1918, he became Sub-Registrar at Daska (Pakistan) and three wears later an Honorary Magistrate. He was twice elected to the Punjab Legislative Council, and rose to be the Joint Registrar and Honorary Magistrate for the entire district in 1925.

In the following year he was nominated to the District Board, becoming its Vice-Chairman. He held this office till 1930. The title of ‘Sardar Sahib’ was conferred upon him the following year and the Jubilee Medal in 1935. He was one of the originators of the Daska Central Co-operative Bank, holding several other distinguished posts; Secretary of the Sialkot Central Co-operative Bank, Director of the Sialkot Electric Co Lid, President of the Khalsa High School at Sialkot, and a non-official visitor of jails in the Sialkot District. Indeed, he was a man of multifarious pursuits, which at the time were intended for the welfare of the people in his district. He was married to Sardarni Bhagwant Kaur.

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