Sardar Sher Singh Dhindsa Of Sargodha, was born into Dhindsa Jat family, He was one of the first batches of students at the Govt College Lahore and finished his FC from there in 1875.

He was born in Sialkot but established himself in Sargoda (now in Pakistan) as he was bestowed with the titles of “Zaildar”, “Honorary Magistrate” and “Jagirdar of Sargodha” and he held his court in Sargoda. He was credited with bringing education into Sargoda and transformed the landscape of the area by bringing in brick and concrete buildings in the area. He was a close associate of Sir SikandarHyat Khan, the premier of punjab and his other close friendships were with Sardar Bahadur Sunder Singh Majithia and Sir Sobha Singh. He was a special invitee at the coronation of King George V at the Delhi Durbar.

He held his court in Chak 115 in Sargodha which was later named after him as Chak Sher Singh Wala and it became the official postal address. Despite having a very large land holding at Chak 115 in Sargodha. He also acquired 2 Chaks (villages) in Ganganagar in 1920s.

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